Albania causes of conflict related to the Kosovo conflict

Conflicts of ethnic Albanians - Serbia has a long history of conflict. Initially ethnic Albanians claim that they are descendants of those ancient Illyrians, who had occupied the Balkans convinced some time ago, before the ancient Greeks or even 1000 years before the people occupying the Balkan Slavic. On the other hand, the Serbs insisted that in medieval times there are only some of the Albanians who live in their midst.

Ethnic Albanians are mostly civil to each other and they began to settle in Kosovo during the period of the Turkish Nation. And at the same time in 1689 the Serbian nation started living in the region. Ottoman emperors lost power in the area after the first Balkan war in 1912 and world powers such as Greece and Bulgaria intervene to save the Albanians that they might be solved from the middle of the Tribe of Serbia. This happens before the Serb claim to Kosovo. Serbian military killed and forced ethnic Albanians out of Kosovo.

When it failed to become an independent state of Kosovo within Serbia in 1989, ethnic Albanians who live there do not get service and decent work. As a result the people of Kosovo Albanians that 90% of the population of Kosovo had to make for their own ethnic communities by providing services that are very basic such as hospitals and schools. Between 1989 and 1998 an estimated 350,000 Kosovo Albanians moved into Western Europe. Increased crime and conflict in 1998 forced the Albanians of Kosovo fled leaving Kosovo, creating a large number of displaced persons in Kosovo.

Does that mean that the nightmare as predicted by Prof. Samuel P Huntington about the clash of civilizations into reality? In his article in Foreign Affairs (1993) entitled The Clash of Civilizations (recorded with the same title) Huntington argues, is no longer a future war between the states war or national war between the forces of capital, but the war across cultures, between civilizations. Understandably, with globalization, national borders and limit the power of capital will run away with itself. That there is cultural boundaries. Differences civilization is what will be the battlefield for the wars in the future (the present).Even Huntington argued, clashes of civilizations are the greatest threat to world peace. This is evidenced by the actions undertaken NATO air attacks against Yugoslavia in 1999.Strength of the Yugoslav army and Serb ethnic tribe began campaigning to clean Kosovo Albanians. Thousands of people were killed and some 800,000 fled out of Kosovo. In June 1999, the Serbian army withdrew from Kosovo and the UN mission began the process of returning the refugees of Kosovo. Within three weeks, 500,000 refugees have returned, but the return has resulted in a society without a central government, population administration, police force and justice system. Tens of thousands of homes and possessions have been destroyed during the destruction that accompanied the installation of land mines.

Ethnic Albanians in Kosovo province is actually demanding greater autonomy to full republic status and sovereignty of its own. Kosovo was much less autonomous province since Serbia led by Slobodan Milosevic. Ethnic unrest peaked when passing amendments to the constitution of the republic of Serbia, which states that the autonomy of Kosovo under the supervision of the government of the republic of Serbia (March 1989). However, before the change (based on the constitution in 1974), Serbia has no authority to provincial autonomy. Riots caused the deaths of 100 people died from the ethnic Albanians (including two cops) and more than 254 Albanian militants arrested in February 1990 after a riot.

After that, in Kosovo remains of movement that wanted self-government gradually eliminate successful between the years 1989-1990, when Milosevic was pressing the Council of Kosovo and imprisoning their representatives. The occupation of Serbia was on the mark with a displacement of ethnic Albanians from the positions they occupied before. Although the population of ethnic Serbs in Kosovo just less than 10%, but Milosevic insisted that the language of Serbo-Croatian is the official language in Kosovo. For that Serbian authorities dissolved all the high schools that use the Albanian language and lay off no less than 6,000 ethnic Albanian teachers. Given the ethnic Albanian desire for independence and make the Republic of Kosovo as a sovereign state separate from Serbia, then the cause of action Slobodan Milosevic's aggressive crack down on militants and expel ethnic Albanians from Kosovo, Milosevic jarring KLA (Kosovo Liberation Army) to combat the separatist group seeking independence Kosovo. Meanwhile, Kosovo Serbs have historically been found in the region and is part of Serbia, and for them the UCK (Kosovo separatist group) is a terrorist group that must be destroyed. The brutality resulted in many civilian casualties from Albania. According to the report, the Yugoslav and Serbian paramilitary forces had massacred thousands of Albanian civilians in Kosovo, they also burned the village and town and driving out its inhabitants. This is a form of human rights violations are committed by Serbs of ethnic Albanians separately exterminate (genocide) who intend to secede and form a sovereign government.

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