In Search of a Dynamic and Constructive Regional Stability

Regional stability is a conditio sine qua none for every nation to sustain its own development program. Regional stability should be understood as a given situation that needs to be more structurally process. By using SWOT framework, we will look at the issue of promoting regional stability.

• Globalization, impact: IR no longer represented by diplomat but also broadened by the participation of people in every country. IR have become more humane rather than political.
• Spirit of solving problem among nation, especially those belonging at same region has become more dominant.

• Difficulties to build our commonness in regional stability that depends on political stability.
• Political instability of each country.
• political stability of each country in regional context depend on: the extend to which regionalism principle has been commonly perceived by political elites in region, regional stability in region would occur when there is a low level of conflict, regional stability would become a reality when other external forces do not use the region as their playground for promoting their own territorial and political ambitions.

• world community at present seems to prefer peaceful means of resolving conflict.
• Strengthen togetherness
• Demonstrate the important value of sustainable development. It means that regional stability should be understood in all dimension of life including economic cooperation, closer dialogue among leader, promoting international security and peace (well known as three initiative by Japan Prime Minister, Hashimoto)

• Growing interest in the possibility of a clash of civilization between the west and non western ideological sources such as Islam and Confucianism
• Possible threat would also come from those elites who have developed short-sighted nationalism, market crashes, Lack of communication among leaders within country, political instability that takes place in each country in region.

• State level : dialogue and communication among state leaders
• Encouraging people to people relation

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